Diaper backpacks are the latest welcome phenomenon for parents around the globe. No longer is there a need to lug a heavy diaper bag over your shoulder or weigh down your stroller with your necessary belongings for yourself and baby.

Thanks to the latest technology, now you can carry your diaper bag on your back leaving your hands free to carry your very own handbag if you wish!


When speaking with mothers, they often tell us one of the things they miss is being able to carry a handbag as well as their diaper bag. They quite often end up combining the two and foregoing their own, and in the transition it becomes a daily struggle to easily identify where any particular item is at short notice.

We often hear mothers challenged by the fact they lose practical space and a particular level of personal style when it comes to combining their belongings with those of their baby. Now with your hands free, you’ll be able to continue to carry your own handbag with your own belongings whilst your little one can also have everything they need all located in one place!

2017 and 2018 has been exciting years and has seen the release of some incredibly stylish diaper backpacks. We’ve made a list of 13 of the very best on the market and included all the pros and cons you can possibly imagine. Hopefully this will make your decision easy when it comes to selecting the most suitable backpack diaper bag for yourself and your family.



Graco Gotham Smart System BackPack Diaper Bag

Graco Gotham Smart Organizer System Back Pack Diaper Bag

This practical diaper bag is certainly a solid contender as an entry level option. It’s both affordable and durable and has all the design elements you’ll need to best care for your baby whilst out and about. Padded and adjustable shoulder straps as well as a padded back will maximize your comfort as will the inclusion of plenty of built-in storage pockets and it also comes completely equipped with its own diaper changing pad.

Graco Gotham Back Pack Diaper BagMade of durable polyester weave and available in a tasteful grey and black color, this bag will stand the test of time and parents the world over are raving about its ease of use and practicality. It will definitely meet the demands of your family and has enough storage space to carry everything needed to care for your baby.

A smart design incorporates a large interior compartment and two large separate pockets in the centre of the bag with smaller mesh pockets inside. There’s no shortage of zip lock pockets around the outside of the backpack and the bag is a suitable size to comfortably fit all your travel needs inside. It also caters for baby bottles, with an exterior insulated bottle pocket that’s built to hold two bottles as required.

The only notable concern is the questionable quality of the included changing pad, but given the price and quality of the backpack itself, this is a minor detail in comparison to the value the bag provides overall. Changing pads are readily available for purchase and you may wish to include your own selection if purchasing this backpack. Check customer reviews and latest price on amazon.com!




YuHan Baby Diaper Bag Travel Backpack

YuHan Baby Diaper Bag Travel Backpack

The YuHan backpack is considered the super star of diaper backpacks for the all round multi-tasking parent. Coming in three color options of blue, green and orange, it’s also made of durable nylon which is waterproof and copes well with the rigorous demands of little fingers as well as the ability to comfortably carry a range of travel essentials.

YuHan Diaper Bag Travel BackpackThe bag comes with its own diaper changing pad to aid convenience and assist you with quick changes on the run. There’s plenty of storage, including an impressive total of 16 storage pockets inside and out. These include 6 external easy access pockets and 3 large zippered pockets on the front. 7 interior pockets are included for fantastic organizational options, and the combination of zippered and breathable mesh pockets reflect the smart design.

The inclusion of mesh pockets mean you can carry damp items without the risk of mould, and we all know baby’s will produce damp items from time to time! The inclusions of a matching baby changing pad is a very welcome feature and the waterproof fabric makes for an easy wipe clean solution.

It also comes with stroller attachments so you can easily click onto your stroller for times when you need your body free to move around quickly. It converts into a shoulder bag or messenger style bag as well, which means there’s very little this bag can’t offer you in terms of practicality and usability. Check customer reviews and latest price on amazon.com!




Leke Diaper Bags

Leke Diaper Bags

The younger your child, the more diaper changes you’ll be doing and what better way to equip yourself than to carry an attractive Leke Diaper Bag? This bag is not only stylish but is also highly functional and comes in black, grey and blue colors. It looks so great in fact that you won’t feel remotely as if you’re carrying a high school backpack around, and it’s so chic you’ll probably want to use it even when not taking your kids with you.

Leke Backpack Diaper BagIt contains a spacious interior and multiple internal compartments (18 pockets in total) making the storage of your baby changing essentials a breeze. Zip lock pockets keep baby’s belonging’s safe from little fingers and the backpack comes with its own removable change pad. Key features of this bag include an insulated bottle pocket and its very own wipes dispenser.

Made of nylon, the shoulder straps are comfortable for their designed purpose but a smart design also means the shoulder straps are the perfect width to hang neatly on your stroller. The waterproof design means you can easily clean any accidents and the fabric is breathable, soft and lightweight.


Leke Diaper backpackThe workmanship of this bag leaves a little to be desired because the lining of the bag is quite thin and could be better stitched. The elastic on the pockets is not very stretchy therefore limiting the amount of things you can squeeze inside them. The bag doesn’t come with a diaper changing pad whereas some of the others on the market, do.

The outside pockets designed to hold wet wipes isn’t actually long enough to hold a travel box of wet wipes which is disappointing however you can easily store your wet wipes in another compartment. Overall the Leke Diaper Bag is acceptable quality in comparison to the price and represents true value in a diaper backpack. Check customer reviews and latest price on amazon.com!




Becko 3-In-1 Multi-functional Diaper Bag

Becko 3-In-1 Multi-functional Diaper Bag

The Becko 3-in-1 is made of lightweight oxford cloth material and comes complete with stylish quilted detail. It contains every element you’ll need to carry all your baby’s belongings in one convenient location. Plenty of storage is evidenced by a large main compartment, with numerous other pockets to store all your necessary goodies.

Becko 3-In-1 Multi-functional backpack Diaper BagTwo interior pockets are secured by elastic, making storing drink bottles easy on-the-run and a large insulated outer pocket means you can keep bottles heated or cooled for your baby with ease. A large pocket on the exterior is also included specially to hold wipes and means you can grab your wipes at a moments notice, which is usually when you need them!

Mesh pockets mean you can easily view the contents of each pocket so there will be much less scrambling at critical feeding or changing times. The Becko 3-in-1 comes with its own padded change pad to make changing little bottoms a breeze.

Insulated water-proof material means you can keep feeding bottles warm and a change of clothes dry and the intelligent 3-in-1 design means you can fold the shoulder straps away in an additional back velcro-closed panel, converting the bag into a handbag or shoulder bag. This handy back panel also provides additional storage capacity, because we all know moms can never have enough storage, right? Check customer reviews and latest price on amazon.com!




Bebamour Travel Backpack Diaper Bag

Bebamour Travel Backpack Diaper Bag

The Bebamour Travel Backpack Diaper Bag is superior in quality and is manufactured in three gender neutral, stylish colors. You can choose from orange, dark yellow or light khaki and this bag is affordable and provides real value in terms of its purchase price.

Bebamour Travel Backpack Diaper Bag sideviewIt has 3-in-1 functionality in that the adjustable shoulder straps can be packed away out of sight and the bag can be converted into a shoulder or tote style, depending on your needs on any given day. This means you won’t have to change bags for various occasions but can simply convert-and-go which means you’ll save time and money in the long run. It offers the standard inclusions of a waterproof and insulated bottle holding pocket as well as a padded changing mat and straps to clip onto your stroller.

The variety of pockets included means you can store all the items from your usual handbag as well as your baby’s belongings. 2 side opening pockets and 8 interior pockets ensure there’s an organized space for everything. There’s no longer a need to carry two bags when you have the Bebamour Travel Diaper Bag on your back. People who bought this bag have often commented that it’s “budget friendly, spacious and comfortable”. Check customer reviews and latest price on amazon.com!




Baby Diaper Bag Smart Organizer Waterproof Travel Backpack

Baby Diaper Bag Smart Organizer Waterproof Travel Backpack

This bag is available in a black dot or navy dot design, is incredibly stylish and manufactured with environmentally friendly polyester material. Fully functional and containing the necessary abundance of compartments, it comes complete with a genuinely roomy interior.

The main compartment is divided by two mesh pockets and also includes a notebook pocket, whilst the middle layer is designed to hold drinks and bottles. There’s also a large mesh pocket, perfect for spare diapers or changes of clothes plus a zippered pocket for your keys or money.

Smart design sees the inclusion of a dedicated moisture-proof pocket designed to hold your baby’s pacifier, whilst another pocket is waterproof and designed to carry wet clothes or damp towers for example. This bag is especially good at allowing you to keep wet items separate from dry ones and also contains a hidden pocket for your valuable items.

One of the key benefits of this bag is its exceptional quality and its capacity to hold up to three baby feeding bottles in its insulated bottle pocket. This is especially great if you’ll be away from home for extended periods of time or if you have multiple children all requiring a bottle. The bag contains 16 pockets in total and can even hold a 15” laptop. As an added benefits, it has the convertible functionality of being able to use it as a backpack, shoulder bag or carry tote. You’ll never have another need to carry any other type of bag, again! Check customer reviews and latest price on amazon.com!




Skip Hop Chelsea Downtown Chic Diaper Backpack

Skip Hop Chelsea Downtown Chic Diaper Backpack

The Skip Hop Chelsea Downtown Chic Diaper Backpack is just that, a stylish and chic option for discerning parents. This bag is designed to provide “effortless city style and hands free convenience” and contains multiple compartments making time spent with your child as enjoyable as possible.

Skip Hop Chelsea Downtown BackpackMoms can organize baby’s belongings in such a way as to easily reach for them when needed. Multiple compartments make for incredible ease of use and result in endless ways to organize your essentials.

Some of the features include an expandable drawstring opening with adjustable straps and a convenient top handle. A zippered compartment on the front makes accessing your most frequently used items a breeze, whilst two insulated bottle pockets makes feeding your baby on the run an stress-free and convenient affair.

Chelsea Downtown Chic Diaper BackpackThe bag comes complete with clip-on stroller straps for times when you don’t wish to wear it on your back and for your convenience it also includes a coordinated cushioned changing pad. Another useful and intelligent feature is the addition of metal feet to keep the bag off the ground, especially beneficial when visiting areas with slippery or soiled surfaces such as public bathrooms.

The bag is finished with gold-toned hardware and made from faux leather material and could easily be mistaken for a conventional fashionable black leather backpack. Sometimes the last thing you want is to look like a “mum” and this bag goes a long way to exuding a stylish and professional image. The Skip Hop Chelsea Downtown Backpack is considered a cut above the rest and is a bag any mother would be proud to own. Check customer reviews and latest price on amazon.com!




JJ Cole Backpack Diaper Bag

JJ Cole Backpack Diaper Bag

The JJ Cole Backpack comes in seven stylish patterns, each of which are as stunning as each other. When selecting this bag to purchase, one of your most difficult choices will be which color to choose!

JJ Cole Backpack Diaper Bag latticeThe JJ Cole Backpack converts for multi-way use and includes a detachable and padded shoulder strap for over-the-shoulder use. When converted the bag can us used as a messenger style and comes with dedicated no slip grip attachments for your stroller, so you can secure it as needed at times when you need your body free to move around.

Two side pockets on the exterior are designed for storing bottles on the run, whilst simultaneously keeping them handy and accessible at all times. Two zippered pockets on the front can be used to store valuables and other personal belongings for easy accessibility. Four pockets on the inside mean plenty of space to store all of your essentials, and then some! Complete with easy wipe color coordinated changing pad, you’ll have everything you need to change your little one as quickly as possible.

A large centre storage compartment means you can pack all those ‘just in case’ items such as a change of clothes or an extra blanket. You’ll never have to go without because everything can be neatly stored within arms reach. The ease and convenience of this bag means you’ll spend less time trawling to find belongings and more time enjoying precious moments with your little one whilst on the move. Check customer reviews and latest price on amazon.com!




Knuddelstuff ‘Buckingham’ Diaper Backpack

Knuddelstuff 'Buckingham' Diaper Backpack

The Knuddelstuff ‘Buckingham’ Diaper Backpack comes in a sophisticated polka dot design and is complimented by lightweight material with an abundance of pockets for all your storage needs. German design means all details have been carefully considered during the design process and you can be sure this bag has everything you need in a diaper backpack, right at your fingertips.

Knuddelstuff 'Buckingham' Diaper Backpack openedAs an additional benefit that other bags don’t tend to offer, the Knuddelstuff Buckingham Diaper Backpack comes complete with a color coordinated detachable zipper bag that can be used for storing damp items or ones that you wish to separate from the rest of your essentials. Two clips for stroller attachment are also included as well as quick and easy access to wet wipes storage, saving you from needing to trawl through the main compartment. Evidently designed with convenience in mind, the features of this backpack have all been well considered. There’s even rubber feet to protect the bag from damp or soiled surfaces.

The only conceivable drawback to this bag is that it’s not machine washable. It is waterproof however so you can easily wipe it down. The Knuddelstuff Buckingham Diaper Backpack provides maximum storage within a compact style and is a perfect choice for the modern mom on-the-run. Check customer reviews and latest price on amazon.com!




Babyboom “All Day” Diaper Backpack

Babyboom All Day Diaper Backpack

The Babyboom “All Day” Diaper Backpack is one of the most affordable in the backpack market and is also one of the Babyboom brands best selling bags. The bag is designed in a traditional backpack shape and comes in a unique and contemporary grey/sage color, likely to appeal to dads!

Babyboom Diaper BackpackIt looks just like a regular sports backpack, so no-one will guess you’re carrying all the contents of your baby’s essentials inside. This is a real feature when needing to take your children to daycare on the way to work whilst wearing a suit, for example. The lightweight material and padded, adjustable shoulder straps mean maximum comfort for mom and dad when loading the daily essentials onto your back.

A total of 11 pockets means you can pack anything you like, and then some! A key benefit is the inclusion of a fitted wet wipes case as well as easy zippered access to wet wipes storage, both of which are an invaluable asset when changing diapers on the run.

The backpack also comes with a color coordinated accessory bag, useful for separating soiled or damp items. Another key feature is that outer pockets of this bag can be packed to the brim, yet space in the main compartment isn’t compromised due to the smart structure of its design.

The only drawback of this backpack is the inability to attach easily to your stroller and stroller clips are not included. Overall this bag receives such great feedback and is often described by people who have purchased it as “A nice quality bag that won’t break the bank.” Check customer reviews and latest price on amazon.com!




Hoxis Multifunction Diaper Bag Backpack

Hoxis Multifunction Polka Dots Baby Boom Backpack Diaper Bag

Durable and made from high quality nylon, this bag is light in weight but will definitely last the distance. It comes with all the essentials such as a changing pad, bottle case, zippered pockets and adjustable shoulder straps. A convertible design means it can also be used as an everyday tote and the spacious and roomy interior means you can store all your goodies at your fingertips.

Hoxis Multifunction Backpack Diaper BagTwo exterior pockets, 6 interior pockets as well as insulated side bottle pockets mean this bag has enough storage to keep you organized, but is not overly large in the way that some of the other bags can be. Well suited to the woman on-the-go, this bag strikes the perfect balance between convenience and practicality.

Unique color options include black with white polkadots, a playful flamingo pattern or a truly unique cow hide color-way. If you’re after a bag that’s a little different and can demonstrate your individual personality and flair, this may definitely be the one for you! Check customer reviews and latest price on amazon.com!




Ju-Ju-Be Legacy Backpack Diaper Bag

Ju-Ju-Be Legacy Backpack Diaper Bag

With the Ju-Ju-Be philosophy being “Smart Bags for Smart People,” you can’t go wrong with this bag. As stylish as it is practical, this bag oozes intelligent design and is priced to appeal to the consumer with luxurious taste. Ergonomic straps, truckloads of organization and a quality design made out of luxurious fabric in a gorgeous nautical print, what more could any parent want?

Ju-Ju-Be Legacy Backpack Diaper Bag backsideIf appearing as if you’re about to hike a mountain isn’t quite the ‘look’ that appeals to you, we have the bag for you right here. Quality finishings such as signature Ju-Ju-Be stitching and solid gold metal hardware are attractive aspects that will appeal to those with an eye for detail. Inclusions are the memory foam changing pad and the unique TEFLON treated fabric and antimicrobial lining, all designed with your comfort and convenience in mind.

Ju-Ju-Be Legacy Backpack Diaper Bag insideThe back of the bag has a breathable air mesh panel and the bag itself is secured by a fully adjustable ergonomically designed S-curved harness. The grab handle is padded and there is such as abundance of other features and benefits, we’re hard pressed to list them all here. The Ju-Ju-Be Legacy Be Right Backpack exudes a superior level of quality and comfort. It’s machine washable for your convenience and also contains a dedicated cell phone pocket, essential for every mom on-the-go.

Two exterior insulated bottle pockets make storing hot or cold bottles and drinks a breeze and the light colored lining means you can quickly see everything at a glance. No longer will you need to trawl through all your bits and bobs to find exactly what you’re after! If style and substance is your focus, the Ju-Ju Be Right Back Backpack Diaper Bag is undoubtedly the one for you. Check customer reviews and latest price on amazon.com!




RLB X-Large Multi-Purpose Travel Diaper Backpack

RLB X-Large Multi-Purpose Travel Diaper Backpack

Manufactured in a lightweight and durable polyester fabric and with the choice of three appealing colors, this bag offers something to appeal to everyone. Black, blue or green, these color choices will even appeal to the men in your life!

RLB Travel Diaper BackpackThis backpack is an affordable mid-range option and includes all the essentials one has come to expect from a diaper backpack. A waterproof change pad is included and its also important to mention this bag is larger in size than many other equivalent bags.

The bag contains 7 outer pockets including 2 insulated side pockets designed for bottles, 2 incredibly deep pockets for larger essentials and one extra large main cargo pock in the centre of the bag. There’s not much this bag can’t carry!

This is the perfect backpack bag for parents with a young baby or child and it could even satisfy the needs of parents with multiple toddlers. The longevity means you’ll have this backpack for many years, and it’s so versatile you’ll find yourself using it for other purposes beyond the diaper years. Check customer reviews and latest price on amazon.com!



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