Athena AFG Desiree 4-in-1 Convertible Crib Review

While most baby cribs are becoming more trendy, compact, and light, Athena’s baby crib retains that nostalgic look and feel of a classic wooden crib but with a touch of elegance and modernity.

Athena AFG Desiree 4-in-1 Convertible Crib Review

AFG Desiree Convertible Crib is a full-sized crib that can be modified into 4 different bed settings. This crib grows on your child as it turns from a baby crib to a grown-up bed with just a few adjustments and attachments (except for the grown-up bed which requires a bed frame). It’s a standalone crib, so it’s basically just the crib with no baby changer, drawers, and shelves.

Most cribs nowadays are fixed-side as opposed to drop-side, well for obvious reasons. It’s much much safer. This crib is no exception. So instead of having adjustable side rails, cribs now have multi-level setting for the metal platform and you basically change the height of the platform as needed. The crib was also designed to be used in four different ways: baby crib, day bed, toddler bed, and grown-up bed. And since it’s a full-sized crib, it’s much easier to look for a mattress that perfectly matches the crib’s size.

It’s mostly recommended for newbie moms who want a no-frills baby crib that’s easy to set up and use. Or if you already have a separate furniture for your baby’s belongings, then this crib is absolutely fantastic. Plus, with the toddler rail included, you won’t have to spend extra dollars for a separate attachment, and only when you need it as a grown-up bed will you ever have to make an additional purchase. 

The crib has all the parts needed for conversion right out of the box, except for the bed frame which has to be bought separately. It’s kind of a do-it-yourself convertible where you put all the parts together using a DIY kit and some basic skills in hand tools. Setting up the crib is very intuitive. It’s easy to know what goes where and how these parts come together. Taking it apart is just as easy so you could quickly convert the crib in a matter of minutes. If you find it hard to figure it out by yourself, you can find the instructions online or refer to the assembly instructions if it has one.

Crib and crib parts are made of solid wood (except the metal platform). It’s pretty tough so it doesn’t break or chip easily. For safety purposes, it doesn’t have MDF or engineered wood parts as kids tend to nibble the top side of the rail especially during and after teething. Good thing it’s made of natural wood and has the JPMA and CPSC seal of approval, so you’re quite sure your baby is safe inside the crib. Desiree’s 4-in-1 convertible crib is available in three color variants: cherry, espresso, and white.


  • Guaranteed safe by JPMA standards
  • Made of high-grade natural wood
  • Can be used in four different ways


  • Doesn’t have a storage option

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