7 Best Luxury Baby Cribs of 2022

The baby crib. This is a magical piece of nursery furniture that occupies a parent’s mind almost just as much as the stroller. Mothers and fathers from around the world consider which the perfect sleeping solution is for their little one almost immediately after they find out they are having a kid. I swear to God, I can almost hear the dialogue:

Future mommy (shows pregnancy test): Honey, I am pregnant!

Future daddy (faints)…

A few minutes later:

Future mommy: Are you happy for us? What do you think right now?

Future daddy: Of course, I am happy (gives future mommy a romantic kiss)! But wait, we don’t know anything about parenting… What crib should we choose? There are thousands of models. How can we know which one is right for us?

And so panic sneaks in and the whole baby gear buying fiasco begins…

Yes, there are tons of cribs for babies on the market. Yes, it will be difficult for you to choose the design that will best fit your idea for the perfect nursery room. But, at least, once you get quality issues out of the equation, you’re left with some unique baby furniture (and accessories) and all you have to choose from are fancy features, sleek looks, thoughtful design, and elaborate details!

The best luxury baby cribs on the market 

1. Best Value for Money High-End Baby Crib – Oeuf Sparrow Crib

This modern nursery crib has a simple, yet classic design that almost no design-savvy mommy could resist. Here’s why we love it:

  • Great looks – I mean, just look at it! If that’s not pure elegance, I don’t know what it is… Offered in a variety of colors, this exquisite piece will easily go hand in hand with almost all styles of nursery décor.
  • Ecologically friendly – it is made in the EU in an FSC-certified facility with sustainability in mind.
  • Solid construction – it is made of solid birch and Baltic birch plywood (both environmentally friendly and sustainably sourced) that will guarantee you many years of use.
  • Adjustable mattress height – despite its elegance, this luxury baby crib is also famous for its functionality. There are 3 adjustable mattress positions that give you that extra convenience when attending to the needs of your growing baby (from infancy to toddlerhood).
  • Securely fixed rails – the solidly fixed rails of the Oeuf Sparrow Crib provide the safety your child needs offering a stylish solution to one of the main safety concerns young parents face when crib-shopping.
  • It’s convertible – if you purchase a conversion kit (sold separately), you can transform your infant crib into a toddler bed!
  • Matching furniture – if you like the style of this baby bed (which we can totally understand), there’s nursery furniture set in the same style. You can choose from a matching dresser, a twin bed, and a nightstand, and your impeccable nursery room style is guaranteed.

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2. Best Advanced Design Luxury Baby Crib – Ubabub Pod Crib

The Ubabub Pod Crib is modernity personified. Attention, chic mommies, after you look at it once, you may forget about everything else! Here’s why we love it: 

  • Modern look – a real thing of beauty, this piece of elegant baby furniture is like no other pod crib. Its cozy cocoon shape and rounded edges make you wish they had a king-sized version of it so you can snuggle inside and enjoy the ultimate comfort it offers (just like your baby does).
  • Clear acrylic sides (bar-free) – thanks to the innovative designer’s decision to get rid of the traditional bars and use fixed see-through clear sides, it is so easy for parents to check on the baby whether he is sleeping or playing in his fancy baby den. A smart solution allowing some extra airflow from the laser-cut shapes that are small enough to keep your little one’s fingers safe.
  • Adjustable and adaptable – your designer baby crib adapts to your growing child’s needs. There are 2 adjustable mattress levels. The upper level (together with the low-height design) allows you easy access to your young baby while the lower level offers safety for your growing toddler.
  • Safe and eco-friendly – only eco-friendly “breathing” timber plywood (sourced from renewable plantations), recyclable plastic and metal components, and non-toxic finishes are used for this luxury piece of nursery furniture. It is lead and phthalate safe and meets all CPSC and ASTM International Safety Standards.
  • Custom fitted mattress – adjustable, hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, anti-dust mite, anti-mold, and anti-mildew. Need I say more?

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3. Best Luxury Baby Crib on a Budget – DaVinci Highland 4-In-1 Convertible Crib with Toddler Rail

This convertible crib with toddler rail is the perfect choice for parents with a style who is also on a tighter budget. With a classic American design and a mid-century feel to it, this elegant baby bed will help you decorate your child’s nursery with elegance and style in mind. Here’s why we love it: 

  • Convertible – this is one of the few upscale cribs on the market that can be converted to not only a toddler bed (rail included!) and a daybed but even to a full-size bed (full-size rails should be ordered separately).
  • High-quality materials – when we talk about quality and safety, nothing is too good for your child. The manufacturers of DaVinci Highland 4-In-1 Convertible Crib know this so they use a non-toxic multi-step painting process for the finishing (that’s also lead-free and phthalate-free). The construction is made of 100% sustainable New Zealand pine wood with zero VOCs. Besides, this nursery furniture piece meets all ASTM international and U.S. CPSC safety standards. Did I mention it is also JPMA certified?
  • 4 adjustable mattress positions – not only 2 (or 3), but four adjustable mattress levels guarantee the utmost convenience and highest safety for your baby!

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4. Best Top-of-the-Line Luxury Baby CribNursery Works Vetro Crib- Shadow Acrylic

The Vetro Crib by Nursery Works is, hands down, the best crib money can buy. Here’s why we love it: 

  • Hand-made – the ultimate luxury must have an adequate price tag. If money is not an issue for you when making decisions about your nursery interior, this unique piece should be your first choice – it’s carefully crafted by hand in a limited edition and each one is specially numbered.
  • 3 adjustable mattress levels – the 3 mattress positions let you adjust the mattress height while your baby grows so the baby feels comfortable and safe in their elegant one-of-a-kind cot.
  • Innovative material – unlike most baby furniture (that’s made of wood), this nursery piece of art is made of 100% recyclable, non-toxic acrylic. This designer’s decision is perfect in so many ways. We will all agree that it looks simply gorgeous with its sleek design but, what’s more, it has an added functionality to it – the acrylic makes it easy for parents to see their baby from all angles while he is sleeping, relaxing, or playing in style in his cool and modern baby bed.
  • Safety – this signature piece of baby furniture not only meets but also EXCEEDS the US and Canadian safety standards! It is also JPMA certified so safety concerns are off the list.

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5. Best Gender-Friendly Luxury Baby Crib Design – Munire Chesapeake Full Panel Crib

Offered in a variety of beautiful pastel colors, this full panel crib wins our best gender-friendly design award. Here’s why we love it: 

  • Convertible – it converts to a toddler bed, daybed, and full-sized bed (guardrails and conversion kits sold separately). This gives you the opportunity to use the same exquisite furniture for years to come without the need to try to match new pieces of furniture to the nursery’s design as your child grows older.
  • Complementary pieces – if you’ve fallen in love with the design of this convertible crib, you can make your own custom nursery set by ordering some of the complementary pieces of furniture from the same collection! You can choose from a 5-drawer chest, a 6-drawer dresser, and a hutch with three shelves.
  • Gender-friendly design – there are a lot of parents who don’t like the pink/blue color schemes that dominate the baby goods market. If you are one of them, you’ll appreciate the gentle gray and white finishes that Chesapeake Full Panel Crib come in – they are delicate and elegant, perfect for both a boy and a girl!

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6. Editor’s choice for Best Luxury Baby Crib – Summer Infant Woodberry Grow With Me 4-in-1 Convertible Crib

Coming in a beautiful mocha finish, this unique piece of baby furniture is so easy to adjust that you won’t believe it! Here’s why we love it:

  • 4 mattress height settings – thanks to its 4 mattress levels, it helps you get the right mattress height at every stage as the baby grows from a sweet infant to a tornado toddler (newborn, rolling over, sitting up, and standing up).
  • Simple Adjust feature – thanks to innovation, it is now easier than ever to quickly adjust the height of the cot’s mattress. Manufacturers promise that anyone could do it in less than 3 minutes! The revolutionary mattress height adjustment mechanism works like a charm (no tools needed).
  • Convertible – the baby cot can be converted to a toddler bed, a daybed, and a full-size bed (conversion kit and bed rails are sold separately, though).
  • Complimentary nursery furniture – to match the style of your elegant baby crib with the rest of the furniture in your little one’s nursery room, you can order the matching 4-drawer dresser and 2-drawer combo changer.

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7. Best Custom Luxury Baby CribNewport Cottages Devon Crib

With 8 finishing color choices, this luxury baby bed has something that will fit even the most demanding parents. Here’s why we love it: 

  • Made in the USA – built to last for years from solid hardwoods, this piece of furniture offers the finest quality. The manufacturers guarantee their clients a sturdy construction that’s also quick to assemble! Each cot is hand-made in California using traditional woodworking techniques.
  • 8 finishing color choices – this is one of the few luxury baby beds that offer a wide variety of color options for its finish. Whether you are buying it for a boy or a girl, you will find the perfect color to match your child’s nursery décor: Bahama Blue, Black, Coral, Kelly Green, Marigold, Navy, White, and French Grey.
  • Environmentally-friendly – all cot finishings are made of non-toxic, low VOC materials; all materials are California Air Resource Board (CARB) certified to provide the healthiest nursery environment for your baby.
  • Safety – continuous tests (by independent laboratories) guarantee that each Newport Cottages Devon Crib is in compliance with US standards and meets (or exceeds) CPSC and ASTM standards.

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Some final thoughts:

To choose a high-end crib for your baby means never compromising on quality, safety, and great design. Of course, not every family can afford the most expensive variants for exclusive baby beds on the market, but our careful selection guarantees you will find the perfect match for your nursery room in a generous price range.

It’s good to know that baby cribs don’t arrive at your home pre-assembled, so it’s always a good idea to browse through the clients’ reviews and check for some red marks on hard (not to say impossible) assembly. I mean, there are baby cribs that even Ryan Reynolds cannot assemble! Come to think of it, the last thing I would want Ryan Reynolds to do for me is to assemble my baby’s crib but that’s a completely different story…

If you choose a convertible, you will notice that a conversion kit/toddler rails/bed rails, etc. can be purchased separately.

My advice: if you actually want to convert your crib to whatever you want it to be converted to, buy those extra things together with the crib itself. Why? Because by the time you will need them, there’s a great chance that the manufacturer will no longer produce them (or the new options will be modified in such a way that makes them incompatible with your design). Don’t ask me how I know.

Almost all luxury baby beds are sold without mattresses. When you buy a matching mattress, please make sure that it fits tightly! The rule of thumb (pun totally not intended): if more than 2 fingers can get between the mattress and the crib, you should go for a bigger mattress.

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