Coaster Kid’s GI Child Bunk Bed Review

Active, playful, growing kids need some kind of bed that they can also play with. Coaster Kid’s bunk bed introduces a fun way to get a good night’s sleep and hours of playtime. It combines the comfort and style of a first-class kid’s bed and the sturdiness of a playground, complete with a bed frame, detachable ladder and slide, and kid’s tent. The set is themed with a brown G.I. camo pattern and has a bluish-gray metallic frame and body finish.

Coaster Kid’s GI Child Bunk Bed with Slide and Tent Review

The bed is about chest-high (48 inches) and the frame fits a twin-sized mattress (sold separately). The dimensions are pre-determined to be just right for growing kids up to 10 years of age. But that depends on how fast your baby can outgrow the bed’s length. There’s also a slight variance in how the product is presented to the actual size. It’s reasonably smaller so that it’s neither too small nor too big for kids.

It may take up some space inside the room so make sure to check if there’s enough space for the bed. Note that the slide and tent attachment adds up to the bed’s actual width by more than twice, plus a foot more to the bed’s length for the ladder.

 Let’s get down to the specifics. Although priced significantly lower than high-end expensive brands, the steel tubing used for the entirety of the bed as well as the attachments (ladder, slide, and tent) is surprisingly tough. It can bear the weight of a full-grown adult without bending or breaking. That goes with the ladder and slide as well. Moms can try it out themselves without worrying if it’s gonna break or not.

The bed frame is set high with about a foot and a half tall railings. With the addition of the mattress that could go down to about six inches, which is safe enough. It’s a special kind of bed because it doubles as an indoor tent by simply attaching the extension frame and the GI-style canvas around the bed.

The tent is very realistic with two windows on the arched extension, two beneath the bed, and an entrance on the side of the arch. It’s made of sturdy material so it can withstand your kid’s playful activities inside and outside the tent. You can also put an extra mattress inside the tent for your kid to experience sleeping inside the tent for his make-believe indoor camping.

The tent itself is a joy to have. But here’s the caveat; setting up the bed can be a real challenge, especially for the novice. Some of the parts are somewhat misaligned or do not lineup perfectly and some of the drilled holes are a little off. The legend and the labels are ambiguous in some parts, not to mention having to deal with a plethora of bed parts, attachments, and hardware. However, after going through the whole process, the bed is pretty stable and does not wobble. It’s an awful lot of work, but it’s really worth the effort. Not convinced? Check out our list of the best bunk beds with slides.


  • Tough, durable steel tubing, body, and frame
  • Comes with a fully functional tent and slide
  • Excellent in terms of quality and value


  • Setting up can take a lot of time and effort

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