Fisher-Price Newborn Rock ‘n Play Sleeper Review

All cribs have one thing in common; they’re quite bulky, even the portable ones. Sometimes you just need to keep an eye on your baby while taking care of household chores. One way to get around this is to buy a baby swing or portable baby sleeper. There are dozens of sleepers in the market today but choosing the best one can take a little research and decision-making on your part. Hopefully, we can make this part much easier for you.

Fisher-Price has long been in the business and is one of the trusted brands in baby care products. So when it comes to durability and long service life, this sleeper doesn’t lag behind. The quality of materials used for its frame, washable insert, and the fabric are superior to other brands. It doesn’t feel cheap or substandard. And it looks attractive as well. For quality, durability, and style, this sleeper is a sure win.

It features a straightforward, no-frills design optimized for portability and maximum comfort. The seat is quite deep and has a detachable insert for quick cleanup. It’s slightly inclined to keep your baby’s head elevated but not too much to avoid falling his head forward and causing choking.

It’s designed to make sleeping and napping time for your baby much easier without putting much effort. The base of the sleeper is curved just enough to induce a gentle rocking motion. It’s essentially a baby swing and a glider in one – only smaller. As a safety feature, it also provides a 3-point harness.

This sleeper includes a stuffed bunny for your baby’s playtime. Just remember to tuck them away while your baby sleeps. On the side is a nifty pouch to serve that purpose. The detachable insert is designed to hug the contours of your baby’s body providing utmost comfort and a good night’s sleep.

Storing and setting up the baby sleeper is extremely easy with this one. To fold it, simply press the button on the side and put the frames together. To set it up, press the button to release the lock and gently push the frames apart till it locks in place. It’s very lightweight and can be carried with one hand. By the way, this sleeper is intended for newborn use only so you will have to switch later on to a full-sized crib when your baby gets older.

Since this is not motorized like the baby swing, it’s not completely hands-free. You’ll have to rock it by hand until your baby falls asleep. This could take some time, though, so you can’t start with your tasks right away. Fisher-Price has made an upgrade on the sleeper by attaching an auto-rock feature in their Newborn Auto Rock n Play Sleeper. You can check it out if you want it to be completely hands-free. All of their products are JPMA and ASTM certified and guaranteed safe and baby-friendly.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Strong, durable, and stylish design
  • Guaranteed safe and baby-friendly


  • Non-motorized; requires manual rocking

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