Levana Alexa Baby Monitor Review

Sleep is a precious commodity for you and your baby, and you should both be getting as much uninterrupted sleep as possible. Moving your baby into their own room can be a daunting experience, and you may find yourself getting up in the night to go and check that your child is sleeping soundly.

This means you will not only be losing valuable sleep time but may also end up waking them in the process (it’s surprising how easily the sound of gentle footsteps or the creak of a door can stir your baby). With the Levana Alexa Baby Monitor, you will be as close to your baby as possible, no matter what you’re doing or where you are in the house.

Levana Alexa Baby Monitor Review

The Levana Alexa has an ultra-thin 5” LCD monitor which provides excellent image quality with bright and vivid colors. The speaker has been placed at the front of the screen so that you can easily pick up on any sounds, and it has been designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand.

Because they know how easily little hands can get hold of things such as cellphones, TV remotes, and speakers (well, anything they shouldn’t really be playing with!), the monitor comes with a resilient steel stand which can be repositioned to find the perfect angle.

It can also be used with up to 4 different cameras, so you can continue using the monitor as your family grows. In order to protect your family’s privacy, Alexa has an encrypted digital propriety signal which is unique to each monitor, and also uses channel hopping to ensure there are no interceptions. 

The Alexa has been designed with the modern parent in mind, and features a micro USB port which means it can be charged right from your laptop or any USB outlet you may already have – let’s face it, the chances are you already have several stashed away in a drawer somewhere.

It only takes 3.5 hours for the monitor to be fully charged, and the battery will last for 12 hours when in power save mode (that magic number every parent wishes their child will end up sleeping through the night).

In this mode, the screen remains off until a sound is detected and triggers the screen back on, which means your sleep doesn’t have to be compromised by any bright screen lights. In order to provide a clear image in the dark, the camera has been fitted with invisible infrared LEDs (and will need to be placed no further than 12ft away from your child).

Unlike other models, there are no intrusive red lights due to their clever positioning, so even if your child is a light sleeper they won’t be disturbed. There is also a built-in temperature sensor in the camera, so you can rest assured your baby is sleeping at just the right temperature. 

Getting things done whilst taking care of a young child can be difficult, so often nap time becomes the only time a parent can get through their long “to-do list”. The Levana Alexa has a range of up to 500ft, which gives you the freedom to work anywhere in the house or out in the yard. The monitor also has a two-way communication feature, so you can comfort your baby with the sound of your voice and let them know you are close.

If you’ve ever needed to get your partner’s attention just as your baby is falling asleep, you will also find this feature useful for talking to each other without making too much noise, even if you are in different parts of the house.

Worrying about your children is a natural part of parenthood. If you want to go beyond classic baby monitors which only offer sound, a video baby monitor such as the Levana Alexa will allow you to check on your baby at a glance without disturbing them.


  • Price
  • Great Sound
  • Image Quality


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