Levana Jena Baby Video Monitor Review

Every mom knows what it’s like to have their little ones in the baby’s room while they anxiously try to get things done around the house, or perhaps doing countless visits to the nursery room during wee hours to check if the baby’s doing fine. The good news is, you don’t have to go through all this – ever.

Levana Jena Baby Video Monitor Review

Levana’s baby monitor has been a household name practically everywhere in the country. The reasons for that are pretty obvious. First up, it’s affordable, well over a hundred bucks. Every mom can have it, even if they’re on a budget. But just like any other purchase, it’s wise to dig into the details a little bit and spare yourself from buyer’s remorse later on.

For just over a hundred bucks, Levana’s baby monitor was able to incorporate the latest, state-of-the-art technology currently used in baby monitors. It’s the digital age, so analog baby monitors are pretty much history. The big advantage of digital over analog models is that it’s more secure. However, it does have some minor issues such as radio coverage and interference.

In an open space with nothing in between, the signal can reach up to a distance of 500ft. Put something in between and the range drops significantly. If it’s a running microwave oven or anything made of metal, the range drops even more. At best, it can cover up to 150 feet, depending on how thick the wall or flooring is. Its 2.4 GHz signal can also cause some slight interference with WiFi devices inside the home. But since all digital baby monitors work the same way, it’s not really something we should be worrying about.

The monitor can run up to 8 hours with its rechargeable Li-Ion battery, while the camera is powered through an outlet via an AC adapter. It has two power saving features that extend battery life to up to 12 hours. PEEP or Power-on/off Energy Efficient Picture activates the monitor screen at a certain noise threshold and reverts back to sleep mode as soon as the baby calms down to sleep. It also has a VOX function which, not only saves power but also eliminates false alarms and ambient noise. Like most modern baby monitors, it also functions as a two-way radio.

The monitor is equipped with heat sensors that allow you to monitor your baby’s room temperature. Ideally, you want the room to be around 20 to 21 degrees Celsius. Any higher or lower could make your baby feel uncomfortable. This monitor allows you to see your baby in total darkness for up to 15 feet with its built-in night vision camera. 

Clear enough, but lags behind in picture quality compared to pricey ones. The monitor screen itself is quite small (2.5 inches across from top left to bottom right corner), just enough to see where your baby is. Other useful features include 5 built-in lullabies to lull your baby to sleep and a nightlight to avoid tripping when sneaking in or out of your baby’s room.


  • Priced competitively compared to other brands
  • Lasts longer, up to twelve hours on PEEP mode
  • Clear audio reception, eliminates ambient noise


  • The picture quality is mediocre; the small screen size

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