Child Craft Monterey 3-in-1 Stationary Crib Review

Child Craft has been in the crib industry for an extensive period of time and the company is known for its safe, worthwhile products. This is why it is always a good idea to check out the company’s array of cribs when attempting to choose one for your precious child.

Child Craft Monterey 3-in-1 Stationary Crib

Of course, selecting one from their massive collection can be immensely difficult. Before rushing your decision, you should definitely check out the Child Craft Monterey 3-in-1 Stationary Crib. Is this the best crib on the market? You can learn more, by reading the thorough review below.

Extensive Warranty

When attempting to purchase a crib, you will need to examine a wide range of different factors. One of the most important is the overall value of the crib. A handful of different variables are capable of altering this number to some degree, but the warranty cannot be ignored.

In this category, Child Craft excels its competition by leaps and bounds. Unlike many of the other manufacturers, which only provide a year or two-year warranty, Child Craft ups their game with a limited lifetime warranty.

This helps to guarantee that the crib will serve your child until they completely outgrow it. Child Craft is highly reputable and well known for its excellent customer support, so taking advantage of the warranty will be effortless, and obtaining assistance should be rapid.

Incredibly Safe

Aside from the overall value of the crib, you should also put a significant amount of effort into finding one that is safe! Obviously, you will not want to purchase a crib, which is going to crash down on your child in the future. This is why it is essential to check out this crib from Child Craft.

The crib has been manufactured and built to provide your child with a comfortable, safe place to sleep, while providing you with an abundance of reassurance. The crib is finished with non-toxic paint, which is entirely safe and not harmful in any way.

The crib has also met or exceeded all of the industry’s current safety standards. This helps to ensure that you and your child will be able to sleep soundly throughout the night, without worries or problems.

Weight And Dimensions

Also, it is incredibly wise to inspect the size and weight of the crib. If the crib is overly bulky and too heavy, you will probably struggle to put it together and place it in your child’s nursery. This can be even more problematic and strenuous for single parents. Of course, a heavier crib will almost always be sturdier, so it is essential to find a middle point in this category.

The Child Craft Monterey 3-in-1 Stationary Crib is perfect in this area. It measures in at 54.2 by 32.8 by 40.9 inches, which is just right for most nurseries. The crib weighs just 53 pounds so two individuals can easily move it around.

Affordable Price Tag

Infant bedding should never break the bank, but this does not mean that you should compromise on your child’s safety. The Child Craft Monterey is a heavy duty crib that is very affordable, plus it has surpassed all of the American and CPSIA standards.

Each part has been inspected, so it is fully functional at the time it exits the manufacturing facility. It will be shipped in a very thick box, so that it does not receive any damage during transportation. This is very important to all consumers, because returning such a large item can definitely be intrusive and inconvenient.

3-in-1 Convertibility Options

In order to get the most out of investment, you will definitely want to receive an extended service life from the crib. Well, with the Monterey, you will have the option of converting the crib into a day and toddler bed. This allows the bed to grow along with the child throughout every developmental stage of life.

The toddler side rail (stretcher rail) is included in the package, so that you do not need to purchase any additional parts. This can save you from $15-50. Then, this can be invested into a child’s savings account.

You will receive a step-by-step instruction guide, which will take you through the initial assembly and conversion process. It will be totally up to the parents’ discretion to decide when their child is ready for a toddler bed.

Overall Assessment

All in all, there is definitely a lot to like about the Monterey 3-in-1 Crib from Child Craft. The crib is affordable, beautiful and built to last for the duration. Throw in the lifetime-limited warranty and the product is truly a steal! Check it out for yourself today!


  • Extensive warranty is truly unparalleled
  • Very durable and sturdy
  • Meets or exceeds all modern safety standards


  • For conversion, parents will need to purchase the additional toddler guard rail



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