Oeuf Elephant Crib Review – Worth The Price Tag?

Parents are undoubtedly willing to spend excessively on their children, as long as it benefits them in the long run. Of course, some products are out of question, due to their enormously expensive price tags. Some individuals will definitely feel this way, when examining the Oeuf Elephant Crib.

When compared to the alternative cribs, this one is ultimately much more expensive. Is it worth the additional price or should you stay away from it together? By reading the thorough review below, you’ll be able to find out, whether or not the crib is worth it!

Effortless Assembly

If you’ve ever been forced to assemble a crib, you will concur that the process is generally annoying, time consuming, and frustrating. Many times, the manufacturer will provide the consumer with limited instructions, which will only complicate the process even further.

If you’re looking for a totally convenient assembly and don’t mind splurging, you should definitely check out the Oeuf Elephant Crib. The majority of consumers will be able to complete the assembly process within a matter of 10 minutes or quicker!

Oeuf creates a very user-friendly step-by-step instruction guide, plus their cribs are designed to offer quick and easy assembly. While you may be skeptical about the 10-minute assembly guarantee, you should not, because every step of the process is laid out perfectly. The crib is a little on the heavy side, so it may require 2 people to transport it to the nursery, but assembly will only require 1 person.

Non-Toxic Finish

All parents understand the importance of child bedding safety features. In order to prevent your child from ingesting harmful toxins, you should invest your money in cribs that are designed with a non-toxic finish. The Oeuf nursery crib has a superiorly safe finish that has been constructed out of water-based materials.

Everything about this infant crib is considered eco-friendly, so your child will not be exposed to dangerous lead, BPA, or volatile organic compounds.

Convertibility Option

Unlike most brands that offer convertibility, by including all the parts for the process in the package, the Oeuf can be converted, but parts are not included. You can purchase the additional conversion kit at a very affordable price. It converts into a toddler bed with a low height position and side rails to prevent fall accidents. The conversion kit is equipped with matching pieces with a white or grey finish.

Size And Weight

There is an abundance of cribs on the market, but a lot of them are lightweight and not sturdy. Although the lightweight feature can be beneficial, it will generally mean that the crib itself will be shaky and wobbly, after it has been completely assembled.

There is good news for those who clamor for the Oeuf Elephant Crib. This crib measures 58 by 34 by 34.5 inches. This helps to ensure that it will be compatible with the mass majority of the crib mattresses. Also, its size should make it suitable for most nurseries.

Of course, the real benefit is the weight of the crib. It weighs approximately 95 pounds! Although this will definitely make it a little more difficult to move and assemble, you will never have to worry about the crib wobbly or crashing down. It is incredibly sturdy and capable of supporting a significant amount of weight, without any problems. To make matters even more attractive, the crib is built with eco friendly MDF.

Overall Assessment

When it comes down to it, a lot of consumers will shy away from the Oeuf Elephant Crib, due to its expensive price tag. This is truly a mistake. Although the price is expensive, the crib ultimately excels past its competition in various areas, including durability and longevity.

Also, it is entirely eco-friendly and safe. The combination of unique benefits provided by this crib helps to make the price tag easily justifiable. If you’re looking for the best of the best and don’t mind splurging, this one is definitely worth a glance!

  • Assembly process is effortless and can be completed in 10 minutes or less
  • All finishes are non-toxic and completely safe
  • Crib is definitely attractive and will look great in any home
  • Slightly heavy and expensive

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