Philips Avent UGrow Smart Baby Monitor Review

As a parent, all you want is to provide the best care for your newborn baby.

You’ve probably read everything there is to know about proper feeding, bathing, and nursing your baby, and finished up shopping for your baby’s basic needs months before the due date.

Indeed, you’re pretty much all set before your baby is born.

But soon enough you’ll realize that being a parent doesn’t seem as easy as they make it seem. Once the baby is born, all you want to do is stay by her side to protect her from anything that will inflict her a little harm.

You don’t have the confidence to leave her in her crib as you take a nap of your own or go to the shower.

It’s quite an unnerving experience but at the same time, you know it’s just not possible to stay by your baby’s side 100% of the time–it just isn’t possible.

Now, this is where the need for a RELIABLE baby monitor comes in. 

Best in the Market – Philips Avent UGrow Smart Baby Monitor Review

Good news! You don’t really have to leave your baby alone anymore.

With the help of Philips AVENT uGrow Smart Baby Monitor, you’ll feel as close to your baby as if you’ve never even left her side at all.

The product surely redefines the meaning of the word quality with its high standard features and supreme reliability. With its undeniably remarkable service, you’re sure to find peace in your heart every time you leave your baby alone in her crib.

Quality video you can trust

With Philips AVENT uGrow SMart Monitor’s 720p HD video and night vision, you’ll get a good view of your baby’s condition wherever you go.

The colors are surprisingly very vivid during the day and the images are just as clear at night even in greyscale.

There’s really no reason to worry so much and get up frequently at night to check on your baby when you know exactly how she’s doing in just a few clicks on your smartphone.

Seamless connection

The uGrow Smart Baby Monitor can seamless switch from wiFi to 3G or 4G to ensure your uninterrupted connection to your baby. Basically, an app is used to control the baby monitor from a smartphone or tablet–whichever suits you best.

Now, even family members and friends can get to enjoy this experience with you as you can grant up to ten access to the baby’s monitor. Three of the users can even view what’s happening with your little bundle of joy simultaneously! 

Endless list of amazing features

And it just gets better!

There are other features that will surely make you life ten times easier.

The uGrow Smart Baby Monitor can also log temperature and humidity and signals you through a pop up message once it detects that the temperature is a little too high or once your baby starts to cry.

And there’s no need to panic anymore.

Once the crying sets it, you can talk to your baby and play her lullaby music to ease her into sleep or calm her down a little before you finally get to her.

These undeniably helpful features will help you get through the first trying months of taking care of your baby.


  • Easy Setup
  • Image Quality


  • Price

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