SafeBabyTech 7-Inch LCD Baby Monitor Review

Some moms prefer the viewing part of baby monitors while others prefer listening to their baby’s voice with little regard for video quality. But what if you can have both? SafeBabyTech does a very good job of striking a balance between picture quality and audio capability with this 7-inch LCD baby monitor.

Safe Baby Tech 7-Inch LCD Baby Monitor Review

This monitor is quite special compared to other baby monitors for its elegant crystal bezel design and huge LCD display.

Some people might even mistake this for a picture frame. It’s absolutely gorgeous and blends well with your home’s furniture. Image quality is much better, although not as crisp as you would expect from high-end models.

The good news is, that you can see a lot more with a 7-inch monitor and not just a specific area of your baby’s crib. And since it does not have a pan & zoom capability, having a larger display would be great. 

Two-way audio and night vision camera are considered standard features in most modern baby monitors and the SafeBabyTech monitor does the job pretty well. Volume can be adjusted to desired levels and has a VOX function which activates the monitor only when the noise level reaches a certain threshold to save power.

It also helps minimize false alarms by picking up your baby’s voice and ignoring ambient noise. However, it’s not uncommon for baby monitors to emit a faint white noise while in sleep mode. Night vision camera renders monochrome image which is quite grainy but discernable enough to the naked eye. Camera sensors enable night vision automatically in low-light conditions without human intervention. 

The camera unit can run on batteries (2 AA batteries) or via an AC adapter. The monitor, however, needs to be plugged in the whole time. In other words, the monitor stays where a nearby power source is available like in the bedroom or living room. Moms who move around a lot might want something else which is portable. Otherwise, it’s a classy, uber-stylish baby monitor with an impressive LCD display. 

The signal is transmitted via WiFi signal, but it doesn’t mean you can access the camera through any other WiFi devices like tablets or smartphones. While this limits the baby camera’s connectivity, it also precludes the possibility of unauthorized viewing which is a common issue with digital WiFi baby monitors. On average it can reach up to 30 feet. Just bear in mind that obstructions may affect its range.

The baby monitor has no heat sensors so there’s no way of telling whether your baby’s room temperature is within the ideal range. If your baby doesn’t make a fuss about slight changes in room temperature, this monitor is really great. The camera has no pan-tilt-zoom function and has to be set up manually. As a precautionary measure, the camera should be at least three feet away from the crib to avoid getting snagged by your baby.

It can cost a little more, but considering that the company offers a lifetime warranty on their baby monitors, it says something about the quality of their product.


  • Large 7-inch LCD monitor display
  • Customizable to suit user preference
  • Two-way talk and auto-night vision in low-light conditions


  • Lacks portability

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