Summer Babble Band Wearable Audio Monitor Review

Over the course of many years, baby-monitoring systems have gone through extensive changes. These cameras and audio monitors have advanced greatly and are now more effective and convenient than ever before. Although some parents will want to invest in an expensive video monitor, this isn’t always a necessity.

In fact, some audio monitors are capable of delivering just as much, if not more, peace of mind than video monitors. This is especially true when it comes to Summer Infant’s Babble Band Wearable Audio Baby Monitor. Below, you’ll learn all about this baby monitor and its most convenient features.

Wearable Wristband

When it comes to your infant’s safety, you will do whatever is necessary to ensure it. With this being said, the Summer Infant Babble comes with a wearable wristband, so the parent can monitor the child’s behavior and surroundings 24/7. The wristband is adjustable to fit both parents, without restrictions. The band is equipped with an on/off switch to offer superior convenience, plus it has volume control and mute buttons, as well. This allows the parent to make easy adjustments right from the wristband, without needing to access the base monitor.

The wristband is battery-powered and capable of providing an 8-hour run time. You will receive an alert when the battery level reaches the minimum level. No need for an AC adapter charging cable, when utilizing the Summer Infant Babble band, because it charges directly from the baby monitor. When you wander outside of the 800’ range, you will also receive an alert warning, reminding you to reenter the range.

Additional wristbands will be available to all consumers sometime in the near future. The band is very durable, lightweight, and looks very eye appealing.


When attempting to invest in a worthwhile baby monitor, whether audio or video, it is truly pertinent to check out the unit’s range. If the range is limited, you’re going to have problems and you may lose the signal when you roam too far away from the base. The range needed will truly depend on your home’s size, but this shouldn’t be an issue with the Babble Band.

This is the case because this band is capable of offering up to 800 feet of range! Most parents will be able to roam throughout the entirety of their home, without losing a signal. Many will even be able to listen to their child from their front or back yards. 

Completely Private

There have been some horror stories regarding hackers and baby monitors. Summer Infant has definitely taken this into account when designing the Babble Band. The company has engineered this band in a way, which makes it completely private. Not only does this audio monitor provide you with a private and secure connection, but also you will never have to worry about interference. 

Equipped With 3 Monitoring Modes

Each parent is different, so each will want something different. The good news is that the Babble Band is incredibly versatile and can be configured to satisfy your precise needs. It is equipped with 3 monitoring modes, which can be adjusted quickly. Parents will be able to select the audio mode, which will allow them to hear precisely what their baby is doing at any given time. The vibration mode will allow parents to actually feel their baby when they’re producing noise in their nursery.

Finally, you may prefer the sound light mode. This mode causes the band’s LED lights to flash on, whenever the baby makes a noise. The latter two modes do not use audio. 

Overall Assessment

The Summer Infant Babble Band is a great product, which is capable of calming the nerves of many parents. The product works excellently and can be used to monitor your toddler for 8 hours. If you don’t mind the lack of video, this audio monitor is well worth exploring in greater depth.


Affordable and won’t break the bank

  • Very stylish and can be worn comfortably
  • Audio transmitted also recharges the band


  • Must enter baby’s nursery to charge the band
  • The band isn’t waterproof

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