Newborn Sleep Schedule

You’ve finally returned from the hospital with your precious cargo? Congratulations! Especially if this is your first child, the hours and days to follow may feel overwhelming at first. Soon enough things will settle down and you’ll find yourselves adjusting to some sort of natural routine. It’s important to remember that having a newborn baby … Read more

How to Help Your Baby Sleep with Essential Oils

As a parent of a baby who has problems going to sleep (or sleeping through the night), you must have tried it all. Dim lighting. Gentle rocking. Regular bedtime routine. Lullabies. Cry it out. Co-sleeping. And nothing works. So, you must have said to yourself: “Let’s give this aromatherapy a chance”. The healing power of … Read more

5 Best Infant Bath Tub 2022

Infant Bath time. In the pre-motherhood era, it consisted of scented candles, bath foam, bath pearls, and (possibly) a glass of wine. You used to set your own boundaries – if you wanted to spend an hour in the tub, nobody could say a thing. It was a time to relax, get the stress off … Read more